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I think this should start with a congratulations….so, CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you on the forever vows and loving promises that you are about to make to each other.

Now that’s out of the way (and I did mean it….honest!!!), let’s get to something unique that really matters after you are officially married.
Memories!!!! A lifetime of memories that will be created in the space of a day. And this is where I come in.

Timeless photos of family, friends, pets and everyone else who you deeply care about, and who deeply care for you, are one of the go-to memories you will have in your possession to look back on when you show your great-grandchildren the most important day of your life.


You’ve got engaged. You’ve invited your closest friends and family to celebrate this with you (that’s a lot of hangovers, surely?), you’ve started planning the rest of your your life together, and now you are planning the most important day of both your lives, which means there is a potential mountain of planning, decisions and all the stress that goes with it, so getting Aunt Mable and Uncle Fred together in one little space with the sugar-fuelled kids is certainly not something you want to be worrying about on the day for the sake of a photo that Freddy the toddler will be making a funny face on, anyway.

My job is to make sure this is all done as quickly and efficiently as possible without any fuss (famous last words), therefore my approach to my wedding photography is unobtrusive and free-flowing, whilst floating round trying to capture the best moments of the day.


Photographer | Friend | Professional

As your wedding photographer, my plan is to take as much of the pressure away from you as possible. I will liaise and check details with your chosen venue(s), which includes visiting and/or using their website to plan the day from my perspective. I make sure I am self-prepared with everything I need to make my life as easy as possible, which means I do send you a copy of my standard ‘Wedding Questionnaire’ which asks for (albeit, basic) information that is important to my planning (names of close family members, priority shots you require, etc), making sure I get as many of the most important shots as possible, in the best available space/grounds.
As well as the usual happy snappy shots of family and friends that you can expect, I always do my best to capture the small, intricate things, such as: wedding rings, shoes and attire, table settings, and much more. In addition, I encourage you to offer your ideas and priorities in regards to what photos you would ‘ideally’ like to have in your album, whether this be certain family members, or a shot you want to recreate that you’ve seen online/elsewhere – I am always planning in the hope that we can become a team and a collaboration, rather than just some guy with a camera walking around taking photos.
I primarily shoot unobtrusive and candid, as no newlyweds want to be removed from their family (and overall their special day) for a long period of time to be posing in different areas, however there will always be time for these sorts of shots (which are encouraged, to capture something different).